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    Need a second opinion...

    I do believe lightning is the culprit here.

    Working on a computer that locks up whenever you try to use the modem. To be specific the SVCHOST process goes to 100% CPU when you try to dial.

    So the computer is extremely slow, and takes forever to start up. When it finally starts up I notice that it is only running on 64MB Ram. There are 2 chips on the board, a 128, and 64. The 128 has appearantly died. So I replace it to get the computer up to working speed.

    Continue to try and dial out... Still locks up.

    Format the computer, fresh install of XP and SP2... Still locks up when trying to dial.

    Pop the modem out to take a look at it, and I see some physical damage (burns, and sizzled circuits)

    Replace the modem with a working modem, and try to dial... Nothing, locks up.

    So could it be that the lightning fried the modem, and also damaged something on the Motherboard that would not allow the modem or PCI communications to work? It leads me to believe that more than the modem was damaged because the memory went bad too.


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    Sounds like your mobo is gone. I would trash the entire computer... you could try to salvage parts from it... hmm... might be a PITA though....

    A long shot here, but you say: SVCHOST process goes to 100%. Well, you could check to ensure you installed the latest drivers when you reinstalled XP.
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    I did install the latest drivers. I even looked up the modem and went to the website and downloaded the drivers as opposed to using the drivers that came with XP.

    I am thinking that it has had some internal damage that is causing a short circuit of some sort causing processes to not work. The computer worked fine before said lightning. The re-install of windows was to take it out of the equation.
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