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    Admin Contract Work 6-12 hours $200

    My servers are in a state of disarray in regards to dns, apache, email, ssl you name the normal stuff.. it's not in good shape..

    I have the following servers
    FreeBSD 4.9 w/ Plesk 7.04 (like to do a migration on this one and shut it down)
    FreeBSD 6.1 w/ Plesk 8.01
    Debian 3.1 w/ ISPconfig (latest)
    Windows 2003 w/ Imail 8

    There's a ton of things to do but I'll list them out to the individual my AIM name is in my profile as is my phone number.. the estimate is 6-12 hours.. but I suppose a super competent admin could knock this out in 2-4 hours.. but super competent may be pushing it a spell..

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    Hi, I can probably help you... I'll contact you on AIM when I get home, or if you have MSN you can add me at: carl (at)

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    402 can do all of this for you, and they are very good. Tell them JVS Shaun sent you.

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