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    Looking for direct bank relationship

    I'm looking for an acquiring bank/payment service provide/MAP that can and will handle processing for a shopping mall website we have created. The idea is real easy: We have a shopping mall where suppliers/merchants can sign up for, some sort of reseller agreement if you wish. We will do all the advertising for the shop and customers can order through the website to order the products/services listed. We will also handle any support issues for customers and monitor support issues between customers and merchants. Comparable to 2CheckOut & CCNow services, I would presume.

    Business location is the Netherlands, processing volume around 1-1,5 million USD/month. CB ratio between 0-4-0.7%/month.
    We are looking for a rate around 3% which makes third party processing companies useless.

    Any suggestions?

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    They have processing throughout the EU
    Fast Charge Payment Gateway™
    509-924-6730 Ext 200
    800-459-0625 Ext 200

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    I have contacted them, but I did not receive a reply so far.
    Can anyone else recommend an acquiring bank that might accept such a business?

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    Are you already established ? I think of softewar development, staffing, company formation etc. ?

    It sounds so... Anyway you will have a hard time to find a bank which will accept you business, exception is if you have a well established business with some history and capital in it.

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    Hello Trinitron,

    Yes, very well established.
    We can provide any documents the bank will ask for and have the whole database up and running already.
    The solution has been primarily build to offer some competition against solutions in the U.S. as 2CheckOut and CCNow who now seem to get all the smaller mainstream businesses and can work far more cost effective through US acquirers than European companies ever could. We want to offer an European solution that can also be cost effective and provides the same solutions.

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    you can try to look at they might be able to help you out

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    We prefer to work directly with a bank.

    Furthermore, SafeCharge already informed us that they would charge 5.5%, which is too high to be competitive with other U.S. companies like 2CO and CCNow which charge 5.5% and 4.99% respectively.

    We want to do this good and need a bank who really can support us in this.
    It's just a question of seeing the potential.

    If we are able to offer a more cost effective solution than 2CO and CCNow and we have a stable and solid solution behind it and a good bank, merchants will switch over immediately to try it.

    Now, I have no idea what kind of rates 2CO and CCNow pay to the bank but I think their profit margins will be around 2-3% in the U.S.
    If there is a bank out there that can do this type of business for 3-4%, we will be more than happy to give it a shot.

    @ Epicorporate: Still no news from Optimal Payments.
    Are they always this slow?

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