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    High Traffic Site

    What would be the ideal server set up including what software best to use for a site mostly made up from HTML with simple includes / Images plus some downloads and image gallery with these kind of stats?

    Daily Averages
    Number of visits: 12310
    Page Veiws: 204063
    Hits: 1480922

    I would like to be able to expand this website so i can receive even higher amounts of page veiws.

    site in refence is

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    1 p4 server, 1gb ram, and a hard drive. Just don't use apache and you'll be fine. Unless you get all your traffic in a 2 minute period each day that should be more than enough.
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    The question will be how many hits the dynamic portion of the site is getting. Most any modern server can handle that easily if it is only static HTML.
    If this traffic is centered on the galler (And it is a dynamic php/perl gallery) then you are going to want to have somethign rather large. Opteron with a couple gig of ram, and maybe larger if you plan on growth.
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    The static HTML source code could be a problem . I am talking about the cases when you try to load many external links - pictures,multimedia.....
    Then your site will be slower and if you have many visitors then the server could be overloaded also.

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    It's rare that I've ever seen a static website need the power of an Opteron.
    If you had alot of CPU intensive dynamic applications or you were dealing with excessive session or application memory management, I could see beefing up the memory.

    From the looks of your site, it is static HTML, which means you'll want a solid web server such as IIS or Apache.

    The real question is what is your current monthly bandwidth usage in aggregate and what are your future plans? Would you for example want to convert those .RAR files in the media gallery to actual streaming media?

    Unless I am missing somthing, if you are just trying to stick with the status quo
    any reasonable server will do as long as you allow room for expandability (i.e. adding more RAM, Drive Space, CPU, etc.).

    If you'd like to talk one on one about your needs let me know. I'd be happy to go over it with you.

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    1.6Ghz 512KB Cache Sempron
    250 GB SATA II Hard Drive
    512 MB DDR2 SDRAM
    Silver Management
    Remote Reboot Port

    1200GB Bandwidth (100 Mbit/sec port)
    - $99.95 per month | $49.95 Setup

    DirectAdmin - FREE
    Interworx (35 Domain License) - FREE
    Plesk (30 Domain License) - FREE
    Helm (20 Domain License) - FREE

    Tons of storage and high bandwidth, good price, great provider. This should exceed your needs by far, and free control panel. They also have some other control panels available but you would have to pay for those, and why pay when IMO Direct Admin is the best panel around
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    what is the best set up to use lighttpd with i have never used it so know nothing about using it.

    The site uses around 1200 GB per month of bandwidth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thesource
    what is the best set up to use lighttpd with i have never used it so know nothing about using it. The site uses around 1200 GB per month of bandwidth.
    Make sure you have a 2.6 linux kernel or a recent BSD kernel so you have use epoll or kqueue. I've pushed over 60mbps on a celeron with lighttpd for static image content.

    I'm pushing about 120TB per month with a bunch of lighttpd-running unmetereds. It's a solid webservers, especially for static content.

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    2.5 Ghz
    1 Gb Ram
    100 Mbps Connection

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