I am looking for a script that can be put into most web hosts (PHP Perl ect.) which can give my users the ability to subscribe to my service, and get a user account when they subscribe. With their user account, they need to be able to fill out a schedule (basic form) and have it sent to me with knowledge of who sent it.

Idealy, I would like the form filled out to have its results added to a list with results from other peoples forms.

for example form would be
Time? Date? messsage?

and it would add a line to some document on my server like such

Joe Schmoe,3948674458,11:15,10/11/2006,hello.wav
(it would recognize form was sent from joe schmoe and automatically fill out name and number)

basically I need all these fields from different subscribers automatically put into the same document (preferably an excel workbook).

I know this is a very advanced script, but I am wondering how I would go about getting such a script and how much such a script might cost me.