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    Web hocsting with user accounts and subscriptions

    I am new to web hosting and have some pretty specific needs for my site. I am looking for the least expensive hosting that offers all these options.

    Users can pay for subscriptions which will give them a user account to my site. With a user account, they should be able to create a schedule for the service I provide (basically fill out a basic internet form) but the results from the forms must be sent to me with the name of the user who sent it there.

    Preferably, I would like to be able to arrange how I receive the information from these forms (specifically I would like each time a form is submitted, it adds a line to a table or excel work book with the line consisting of the name of the person who submitted it and the information from the form. Basically so that I can amass a document with all the responses)

    What I am looking for is what I might call these features when I search web hosting for them, and any suggestions as to which sites might offers these features at competitive prices. I like the rest of the package the dot5hosting offers but I don't know if their site builder will allow me to build such an intricate site with the specific needs I have.

    Thanks to anyone who responds.

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    You need to post in the scripting forum, this is not going to be offered by a web host, you will need to buy a script or hire a scriptor.

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    after i got together a good script, will pretty much any host offer means to implement this script?

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    Assuming the script would be scripted using PHP or ASP or somthing of the sort. Yes many hosts, if not all, would have the means to support your script.
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