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    Stock simulation programming

    Does anyone know where the data feeds for online stock trading simulators come from? Something like

    I've been trying to find companies that produce such data feeds, but have found no solutions.


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    You didn't look very hard.

    Look at the bottom of the page. Virtually any site which uses real market data will disclose where they get it; they have to in fact, or the exchanges will come after them.

    In addition to DTN, there's eSignal,, PCQuote, TAL, IQFeed (a division of DTN), SunGuard, Reuters, Standard & Poors, Bloomberg, and, well I could go on. DTN provides satellite downlinks, internet feed (IQFeed is also internet) but these are PC/windows based solutions for the most part. They also have an XML based solution (which isn't really appropriate for live streaming data, but ok for end of day or snapshot data).

    No doubt a google search on "real time" market data will turn up at least a dozen.

    Using such data and redistributing it isn't cheap.
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