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    Priority Colo

    I thought I would take the time to express my appreciation for a company, instead of just my usual complaining.

    I recently moved from another colocation facility within the same building in Toronto, and I must say, the transition was anything but smooth thanks to the former supplier, but Priority Colo have been instrumental in the success of the migration, helping with some unforeseen errors that arose when the old company simply 'pulled the plug' to disconnect us, which caused significant drive errors. Myles & Nick spent the time to help trouble shoot & resolve the issues.

    The facility & network that they operate is impressive, and it was thanks to many others on this forum that helped guide me to what I am certain was the right decision with respect to where we should move to.

    The prices are fair, and they have definitely proven that they do not nickel & dime customers when in a jam, and they have been more than accommodating to our situation.

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    Whats your company/url that's hosted with them?

    Keep us updated on how their service is in the next few months...

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    I will keep you posted on my experiences over coming months, but so far, the service has been so far beyond what I expected.

    Largely due to my own ignorance, I have had to rebuild the server twice since it has been in there, and they have been quick in getting us access (we don't have one of their un-escorted packages yet), and even doing the rebuild for us.

    They have even offered support with other software issues we were facing, and what does that have to do with colo? I am just amazed, they answer my questions with remarkable speed, even the ones that I really have no business asking them, as they are outside of the service they are supposed to be providing us.

    Very knowledgeable & friendly, I would certainly have no problems recommending their service to anyone.

    The server I have there is for, and with no doubt, more to come...

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