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  1. #1 - New PPC program available for Publishers and Advertisers is an advertisement program for both Publishers and Advertisers.
    We are currently accepting Publishers and Advertisers in our beta.
    At this moment, we allow Google-like text ad, 100x100 banner, 88x31, 468 x 60
    Commission rate for Publishers is ~60% - 70%

    Bidding system has been integrated into the Advertiser campaign. The highest bidder will receive the top spot and the most frequently displayed ad.

    Features for Advertisers:
    Contextual Advertising technology will maximize your money by displaying your advertisement only on
    relevant web pages and pay per click search engines.
    - Our advertising program is integrated with a bid rate system (auction) where you may bid for placement ranking.
    - Advertisers protection policy allows us to cash back your account from any fraud activity
    - Reliable supporting team provides assistance to your questions efficiently and effectively
    - Cost per click is as low as 0.06 CAD

    Features for Publishers:
    Earn up-to 70% profit share from displaying our contextual ads.
    - Ads can be displayed as contextual or non-contextual to run alongside with Google/YPN without breaking the TOS
    - Payment are made Net 30; 30 days after the end of the month.
    - is committed to pay the most total dollars for your inventory each and every month on time.
    offers a large selection of ads to choose from

    You are welcome to join and test our advertisement system.

    Please view our FAQ here:

    or go to our website at

    for more information
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    Just an FYI, w3matter/adrevenue/revsense/whatever its called now is not very scalable!

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