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    paying for SIMPLE site redesign / modification

    I have a blog based on the following layout:

    I like the layout and want to use it, but I hate the idea of using something completely generic.

    I want it modified, made to be unique. not major changes, just minor things. I know I want a new header banner (and I have an image I'd like integrated with that). I don't have much specific in mind beyond that, but I do want more modifications. different enough so it looks unique.

    considering this is mostly small modifications and not a whole layout from the ground up, I'm offering 50$. if you really impress me, I'll make it 75$.

    please list examples of website / graphics work and the preferred way for me to contact you. then we can work out some more specifics. please reply in this thread; don't PM me or email me, thanks.

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    My Portfolio:

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    Pm me If Interested, im backed with solid portfolio

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    Is this project still available? If yes then I'm In. I have very strong knowledge in wp and I have a very creative skills in graphics. Please add me on your msn messenger.



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    yes, it's still open. I'd like to see a number of different peoples work before choosing someone-- please post any work / portfolios in this thread.

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    I'm currently building up my portfolio, but my latest personal project can be found at (and that's even getting an entirely new design soon)

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