Here's what you get:
A quality post on 2 blogs, here is the PR 4, here is the PR 3(100's of backlinks), and a listing in each of my 2 directories (worth $5.99)(Dir 1, Dir 2).

Here's how it works.
You get a well written post (if you would rather provide the text, thats fine.) This post will contain a thumbnail picture of your website, and up to 3 deeplinks you provide. I don't do any advertising on the sites (PPC, popups etc) so the focus is on the blog posts!

Your post starts on the PR 4 . When it falls off the first page, I will transfer it to the first post on my PR 3 blog(fully indexed, and all pages have PR), and when it gets pushed off the front page there, it will permanently stay on a PR 2 page within the site.

You will also receive a standard listing in my 2 directories, a $5.99 value, for free.

Also available is the featured post on the PR4 blog (the yellow background). It stays up for 3 days before it starts moving down the page, then onto the PR3 like the others. Price is $14.99.

Buy 1 and all your others will be $1.00 cheaper ($7.99!).

Satisfaction guaranteed: I write, then you pay.
Place order through PM. Don't forget anchor and URL's.
Payment through paypal only.
Feel free to PM with questions.

Why so cheap? Well, on top of being more content for my blogs, i'm hoping I can make the same amount of money by offering the service for less, since people may be inclined to buy this for several sites, instead of just being turned off by a high price.