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    Is The Planet's ServerMatrix ValueXtreme dedicated server capable of "quota"?

    The Question: Is a problem enabling quota on The Planet ServerMatrix ValueXtreme Pentium 2.8 (CentOS 4.4) on the default server install by The Planet.

    Here is why I am asking you this question:

    My dedicated server account comes with no support form The Planet. This is fine - I am pretty knowleageble to manage my server.

    Recently, I had to pay a one-time $150 dollars fee to The Planet support to fix a problem: my server wouldn't boot (I couldn't explain why - I just installed KDE and VNC on it, nothing major. It has the auto-update enabled, though - by default).

    The Planet communicated to me that they found problems in server's fstab table.

    They fixed the problem with booting, for which I am thankful to them.

    But apparently to fix it, The Planet support has removed (disabled) quota which I had enabled earlier (yes, I have rebooted successfully after implementing it since its eanbling instructions require so).

    After The Planet's fix, when I looked in my /etc/fstab, I found that the settings I have put for quota are gone.

    The server - a default install by The Planet - has no dedicated "/home" mount. That is why I enabled quota on the whole "/" - as per

    Here is how I enabled quota: I changed the original line (the one there by default at the time the server was given to me after opening my account) in /etc/fstab

    LABEL=/  /  ext3  defaults  1  1
    to become

    LABEL=/  /  ext3  defaults,usrquota,grpquota  1  2
    After this change, I followed all other settings described in the document mentioned above (which include a reboot which was successfull).

    Please advise if there is something special to take into account when setting "quota" up on this kind of TP's server - I don't want to end up with un-bootable server again.

    So far for me it seems that "quota" cannot be succseffully installed and running on this kind of server.

    NOTE: I noticed also on my home-installed CentOS 4.4 that I have mounts like "/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00" - of the type "volGroupXX" overall. Why don't I see anything similar on my ServerMatrix server?

    Thank all of you who will reply.

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    So no comment on this one?

    Please anybody?

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