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    What Managed Dedicated Server would you go with?

    Lets keep this short:

    Got some info back from an earlier post but not exactly what I needed. I do not understand anything about servers/hosting etc...and my web developers are not giving me a definite answer for some reason (may not want to be held responsible if their code sucks) not sure why. but anyway, I would love some opinons on what managed dedicated server I should go with. Not only the host, but also which one to choose for what I need.

    I have looked at ipower, liquidweb, ev1, godaddy, serverbeach and they look "great" I guess but to tell you the truth I have no idea what any of that stuff means. So if someone could please #1 give me a host and #2 recommend which program to actually sign-up for.

    Model: Dual Series-1
    Processor: 2 x AMD Athlon MP 2600
    RAM: 1 GB
    Hard Drive: 1 x 80GB
    Transfer: 2000GB

    To kind of explain what I don't know, I copied the above from I think, just totally random and I am not sure what any of this means. My site will have tons of photos and videos, it is an online shopping site on the lines of bluefly and eluxury. We will initially be marketing in VA/MD and DC so we can assume traffic to be in these areas, but eventually we will be nationwide. At our peak we are estimating to have 250-350 people on at one time.

    When you make a recommendation will you please include why you are recommending them, and also will that suffice for the amount of photos and videos that will be accessed from the site.

    Thank you again for your help, and the more responses the better!

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    one fact that will play into any suggestion is what is your budget ?

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    1,029 is only option in your case

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    Why is rackspace my only option? Not sure what that means.

    And if rackspace is my only option, which one should I go with. I would say my budget is between 200 - $300 a month. Of course if I can go less then that that would be great, but that is my budget.

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    You won't find a rackspace server for under $300.

    Probably not the best choice considering your budget.

    If your looking for a VA DC try

    If not, try

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    Which one?


    Which one would you recommend (what package exactly) from those three providers that you suggested?


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    LucyLui19 -

    I am just curious why aren't you going with a managed ecommerce application service? Such as Monster Commerce/Yahoo/or something similar.

    Given your limited understanding of how to choose a platform for your custom application, what makes you feel confident enough that you can manage the server?

    Is your current application being developed in a test environment? What are the specs on this machine? Has the application been tested thoroughly (we're talking unit testing, functional testing, integration testing and regression testing).

    Does the application load session data into memory? If so, how much per user?

    You mention videos above. Are these just downloads or are you planning to stream them?

    If I were you I'd go with a 'Fully Managed Hands-Off Solution" whether that is on a Virtual or Dedicated Server still is yet to be determined. Your budget of $200-300/month is likely to get completely blown out once you realize what you've gotten yourself into.

    If you want expert service and relaible hosting - you'll have to pay well more than your current budget will allow.

    I hope this helps. If you'd like to actually go into these details further I'd be happy to help you as would our application development staff. Or simply provide additional details and we'll do our best.

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    Thanks for your help


    What is your name, I would like to speak with you directly. Maybe we don't need a managed server, I really am not sure what we need, and my developers aren't offering much help. When I say managed, that is what I meant, I wanted something totally hands off

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    Well you could get any of the Dual Xeon/AMD of those should suit you.

    You could sign up for a P4 3.2 or greater and if you need a larger server just depends on how much resources you need for what your doing.

    but it sounds like you might need a managed dedicated company to help you out.

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    Fusion appears to be the only one addressing this properly.

    Lucy needs much more than a "managed server" as she(?) doesn't even know the slightest about what to do with said server. It looks like she needs more of an application management partner to oversee the rollout of said site on equipment X and ensure it's operation. Not some $29/month "unlimited ticket" server management service.

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    Go For Rackspace Managed Hosting. It Suits ur Site

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