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    Total Backup Solution

    Is there anything like this out there that does what this does?
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    The thing I dont like about this is that first off, it's $27,000 for a 2.2TB solution, plus yearly license fees. They wont let use build our own machine and license "just" the software. So.... this is the internet, I know they arent the only ones. For $27,000 I could have my own software developed and just build my own promise raid machine to operate it on and have all the same features.

    They have good features. The backup system can be automated, and you can restore a destroyed machine in about 20 minutes. I just dont want to pay $27,000 plus $7,000 per year license. I will if I have to, but I am sure I can find something just as good for a whole lot cheaper. If not, there's some good companies over at rentacoder

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    You can have a look at together with a free software

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