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    Sourceguardian 7 released!

    SourceGuardian™ 7.0 for PHP is the ultimate protection solution for encoding and protecting your PHP scripts. To download our PHP Encoder and protect your PHP scripts, download this software which has full native bytecode encoding, time limiting scripts, IP and domain locking, a license generator and many other features. SourceGuardian™ 7.0 for PHP is the most comprehensive and user-friendly protection solution on the market.

    Buy Sourceguardian before the 20th of October and receive a discount!

    For more information, please go to

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    I'm suspicious of any company that would put the following as testimonials.

    Even Zeev wrote to us, if you're wondering why our name changed:


    We've just learned of your product, 'PHP Guardian'. Please note that the
    product name that you chose appears to be in violation of clause 3 of the
    PHP license (annexed below). In essence, this clause means that if your
    product uses any code taken from PHP, it mustn't use the name 'PHP' to
    promote itself. That means that 'PHP Guardian' is in violation of the
    license; You may, however, mention that your product is 'for PHP'.

    We'd appreciate your quick consideration of this issue.



    Bascially it's a letter saying you're in contravention of their policies, not someone saying your product is any good.

    and the german one translates to:

    We are much interested in your software, there at your software the possibility exist PHP Scripte to a IP address to bind.

    That's a question, not a testimonial!

    Are you just sticking random e-mails on the page and hoping no one will read them?

    Your product looks good, but I'd be concerned about your QA processes if you're so lax on your webpage.

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