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    * Virus // Browser Highjack // iupdatepage

    I came back from lunch earlier today and had a pornographic popup on my computer. I was quite dissapointed, why? Cause it wasn't me who got to view the site! XD Joking .. okay. Anyways, I opend up my IE to check some stuff after closing the popup, and my homepage was changed. It is now fowarding to "" and has a popup of a virus alert in front of it.
    I've ran 3 virus scans, and ran HiJack and ran AdAware. None of them can seem to find the problem. I just formatted this computer on Monday, so it SHOULD be completely clean. It doesn't make any sense. Any sollutions? Anyone else have the same problem?

    Oh .. Just received another pornographic popup..

    I've attatched the image of the possibly fake virus alert and homepage it's fowarding to.
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    You got norton antivirus 2006? That will normally catch things like this.

    Otherwise goto Tools->Internet Options->Privacy->Manage Add On's, make sure there is nothin in this list you don't recognise.


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    Do you have any firewall running?

    Enter the safe mode and scan your computer with the Ewido. If you want a free anti-virus, download Avast Home Ed. Almost to forget: if you want to avoid hassle, you should stay away from the IE and give the FireFox a try.
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