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    Tagline/Slogan Feedback - which do you prefer?

    Looking for your feedback on these possible taglines... first, here are the basic services the company provides...

    - Web Design & Development (Design/Production/Custom Programming, etc)
    - Hosting (Design and development clients only for the most part)
    - Logo/Identity Work
    - IT Support (for businesses only) - Networking/Server Administration, etc

    Some quick details about the business...

    The business has a large number of IT clients as well as on the web side. The business has a custom-built CMS that is really taking off thanks to its powerful tools and ease of use. The business does any sized web project and has done a wide range from very small sites to very large projects involving not only the website but web-based applications that tie into it, as well as stand-alone software to help business manage their information/data/etc.

    With that said, here are the potential taglines/slogans. The first one is favored by some already as the #1 choice, but there is still debate so I decided to bring it here to see what you think. Other than that, they are in no particular order...

    1. Inspiring Business Evolution

    2. Innovation in technology

    3. Helping businesses succeed with technology

    4. Intelligent technology

    5. Business evolution now

    6. Technology solutions for growing businesses

    7. Intelligent, involved, interactive

    8. Technologically evolving your Business

    9. Advanced software and support for business evolution

    10. Advanced business solutions

    11. Emerging technologies for business evolution

    Let me know which one (or more) you prefer and why.

    Thanks in advance, I appreciate it...
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    2 and 10. The others are less catchy
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    10 or 11 are my choices

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    To be perfectly honest, I don't exactly like any of the slogans you have provided. They don't seem to original and they don't 'flow off the tongue' too easy. Sorry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever
    To be perfectly honest, I don't exactly like any of the slogans you have provided. They don't seem to original and they don't 'flow off the tongue' too easy. Sorry.
    Don't be sorry, I appreciate the feedback - whatever it is.
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    2 and 11 if you would ask me.

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    I would imagine you would need to evaluate your target audience and demographic and then solicit responses from persons most similar.
    What might be kick-*ss for a twenty year old in New Jersey might not appeal to a 40 something in Antwerp, Belgium.

    I do help out with business start-ups and sometimes the whole "cultural/demographic" considerations are overlooked. The "big boys" on Madison Avenue do extensive "market appeal" studies before presenting a new product.

    I personally like #10, female, forty-something, Columbus, Ohio.

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