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    Question Servers Question TIA

    After reading a ton here and trying to learn I need a few more questions answered and recommendations please.

    Pretty much all I want to do is upload and download and surf. I really want speed since over here I only have 1mb up 6 down.

    RAM - HDD - PROC not all that relevant to me to be honest just gimme the speed that the above can handle.

    Do not use IRC but do use torrents and upload alot of files. (most upload in a month was about 900g in files that I remember)

    Looking for the ability to connect remotely from my home and use windows server (that was recommended to me here) with 10mb up to 100mb (both are fine - much better than what I have now/

    After reading alot most limit to 2000g or 3000g I certainly dont think I will ever go over that, that is a ton of bw if my math is right. Most things I do are 1.37g or less per file.

    Pretty much need some recommendations for servers that allow this sort of thing. NO IRC but adult content allowed on occasion. FDC is the only one I have found so far but looking into softlayered - layeredt and ANY others recommended here please. nodata was on my list but they dont allow torrents from what I read but a great price.

    Budget 175.00 a month or below ( I know not alot of money but all I can afford at this time ) the faster the better 1mb is horrible and I will pay for better.

    Please assist I thank you in advance. I have looked at alot here but please feel free to leave links I will check them all out

    Unmetered sure sure sounds fine

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    fdc will shut you down pretty quick if theres warez on the server and they get an abuse complaint like any other host if you are going to use this for warez torent downlaoding i recommend you look for a offshore dedicated provider

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    I see. No warez but to be safe I will not use it for torrents.

    Just for uploading other files not via torrent.

    Any rec offshore providers so far I have only found giganternational... Who I am considering.

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