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    Arrow Looking for Dedicated or Reseller Solution.

    Dear ALL.

    As a company, we are looking for reseller or managed solution according to price + server properties.
    We are a web database design company, so in general hosted sites are sites we have designed.
    We will plan to service as a hosting company also.

    Our current reseller package spec'S is simply:

    1- 2 GB space (Fully used)
    2- 30 GB bandwidth (20 GB used)
    3- CPanel4 with unlimited domains (We have 80 domains)
    4- Unlimited MySQL DBs

    Server properties

    1- Dual PIII 800
    2- 1 GB RAM
    3- RedHat 7.X
    4- Exim software
    5- Firewall
    6- High speed connection

    Currently we pay USD 50 per month for above plan...

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    What we need?

    More space
    Not very much bandwith, 100 GB is fairly enough.
    8 Ips (4 of which is for 4 nameservers)
    Full help in movement process.
    Best price / spec of course.


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    Welcome to

    Are you just looking for host recommendation from other people, or do you want actual offers? According to the forum rules, host are not allowed to publicly post offers in the main forum. You should post this in the ad forum so they can reply with offers publicly.

    A moderator will probably move this soon.


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    agreed from the above. it looks like you need to post in the requests forum.

    edit monster says
    sorry about that, i just noticed the price range you're looking for. the below offers are more than the price you seem to be looking for.

    most offers are unmanaged server, so, know what you need and what you're capable of before you take advantage of any of the offers from these companies.
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    I actually waiting for offers. I mean seriously looking.

    If they are sent as Private Message, is not it OK?


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    Yes, they can send you offers through PM.


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    According to PM sent to me i just understand that what we are looking for is

    SEMI-DEDICATED server.

    Any good place for semi-dedicated or suggestion?


    Dear moderator,
    If this is the wrong place (dedicated forum), for this post you can of course move it to better place (ie; reseller hosting etc.)

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