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    DedicatedNOW - FULLY managed servers. Quit thinkin' about it and lQQk!


    Please note that you WILL be required to fill in a payment authorization form for all new customers. We will require a copy of your Passport/ID card and additional information. Please FORWARD (do not reply) your confirmation email to [email protected] or [email protected] and request your Payment Authorization form. This is only needed one time, upon your first-ever order with us, and will not be needed again unless your billing information changes.

    This week's current special is order a P III 1.13 Ghz, and only pay $50.00 USD a month for it, for as long as you've got it. They come with 512 megs of RAM and an 80 gig IDE drive. Upgrades are extra. We have THIRTEEN of these available!

    You'll need to use COUPON: PIIISPEC in the Comments/Notes box in order to qualify for this special. If you order the server without this coupon code, you will not get the special pricing. Pricing will be adjusted by the billing department on the back-end before we submit your final bill to you. This special is valid ONLY until we run out of stock on these PIII 1.13's!

    DedicatedNOW is proud to announce that all servers come with Management Servers Stage #4, outlined below. Definitely give us a look see if you're in the market for a competitive price, a great server and a great tech support team! Be sure to check out our ManagedNOW offerings!

    Interested in a Load Balancing, Clustering or a custom solution? Contact [email protected] to discuss your needs.

    Got a site that pushes a load of traffic? Why not look into adding Unmetered NON-Cogent Bandwidth?
    Add on 10 Unmetered BW for $239.95/mo (approx 3200 gigs of transfer, at 100% usage)
    Add on 25 Unmetered BW for $549.95/mo (approx 8000 gigs of transfer, at 100% usage)
    Add on 50 Unmetered BW for $999.95/mo (approx 16000 gigs of transfer, at 100% usage)
    Add on 100 Unmetered BW for $1799.95/mo (approx 32000 gigs of transfer, at 100% usage)

    Any questions please don't hesitate to call or email us at 1-888-734-9320 ext 3 or email [email protected]

    Available Operating Systems
    CentOS 3/4 (available in 32 bit or 64 bit)
    FreeBSD 4.11/5.4/6.0/6.1 (64 bit available on request)
    Fedora Core 2-5 (3-5 are available in 32 bit or 64 bit)
    Windows 2003 Standard - $20.00/month
    Windows 2003 Entterprise - $30.00/month

    ---PENTIUM 4---

    Intel P4 2.8, 800 FSB
    1GB RAM
    120GB SATA HD 8MB Cache
    1200GB BW
    As low as $114.95 a month!

    Intel P4 3.2, 800 FSB
    1GB RAM
    120GB SATA HD 8MB Cache
    1200GB BW
    As low as $124.95 a month!

    Intel Dual Core P4 2.8, 1MB Cache per core
    1GB RAM
    120GB SATA HD 8MB Cache
    1200GB BW
    As low as $129.95 a month!


    AMD64 2800
    1GB RAM
    120GB SATA HD 8MB Cache
    1200GB BW
    As low as $84.95 a month!

    AMD64 3200
    1GB RAM
    120GB SATA HD 8MB Cache
    1200GB BW
    As low as $129.95 a month!

    ---DUAL XEON--- -
    Dual Xeon 2.8 800 FSB w/HT and 64EMT
    1GB RAM
    2x200 Gb SATA HD 8MB Cache OR 1x74 Gb 10K RPM Raptor (SATA)
    2000Gb BW
    As low as $219.95 a month!

    ---DUAL OPTERON--- -
    Dual AMD Opteron 246
    Dual 200GB SATA HD 8MB Cache
    2GB RAM
    2000GB BW
    As low as $ 204.95 a month!

    Add 1GB Ram $50.00/month NO SETUP (Dual CPU)
    Add 1GB Ram $39.95/month NO SETUP (Single CPU)
    Add 512MB Ram $20.00/month NO SETUP (Closeouts)

    Upgrade to 100Mbps Ports: $10 monthly
    IP upgrades available, ARIN justification required.

    RAID1 for Single CPU $50 Monthly (Comes w/2nd drive)
    RAID1 for Dual CPU $30 Monthly
    RAID5 available, email for custom quote!

    Backup 160GB SATA HD: $30 Monthly
    SWAP OUT dual 200GB HD?s for one 74GB RAPTOR DRIVE for MAX performance.
    74 gig RAPTOR (10K RPM) SATA Drive $40 Monthly
    SCSI drives available, email for custom quote!
    HD upgrades available from 250 gig to 750 gig, email for a custom quote!

    cPanel: $20 Monthly (RVSkin, and Fantastico are included FREE with Cpanel)
    Plesk 100 Domain: $15 Monthly
    Plesk Unlimited Domains: $25 Monthly (Includes Plesk Power Pack Light (Application Pack and Spam Assassin))

    There are no quantity restrictions, and you may order as many servers as you like during this time. PLEASE NOTE this offer is limited to *new server purchases only* you may not purchase new servers to cancel existing servers or request a reduction in price on existing servers.

    DedicatedNOW Data Center
    The DedicatedNOW Data Center resides in Clifton, NJ, just 14 miles from New York City. This new facility boasts enormous growth potential allowing us capabilities of up to 55,000 sq ft of pure datacenter floor space, and ease of access to backbone providers. Currently, the facility incorporates over 7,500 sq ft of completed raised floor data center space, along with 5000 sq ft of corporate office space which includes a front reception area, conference rooms, and ample space for our employees. The new datacenter has been carefully planned from inception to overcompensate for such factors as cooling, generators, UPS's, secondary generators, fire suppression, and much, much more. Our new facility has been set in place with 7,500 sq ft of raised flooring, 8 (eight) 20 ton AC units and double pre-action fire suppression system. Our datacenter is powered by a Liebert UPS system and a Caterpillar generator with 4 days of standby fuel. Our datacenter is monitored 24/7/365 by an overlapping array of CCTV cameras and datacenter entry is secured by both biometric and card key access.

    DedicatedNOW DC Pics:

    DedicatedNOW Network
    Our network runs on our own dark fiber ring connecting our two redundant pops in 111th NYC and 165 Halsey (Equinix) NJ. Each fiber leg is capable of handling our entire networks traffic in case of a failure. Each leg can upgraded to provide transport capacities up to 320Gbps totaling 640Gbps of available transport capacity. Our core consists of Dual Cisco 6509 SUP720 Routers, fully meshed to multiple aggregation switches for maximum uptime. Our multi-homed network is fueled by premium tier 1 carriers, NLayer, Saavis, Telia, and peering through NYIIX.

    DedicatedNOW Support
    DedicatedNOW offers:
    - 24/7/365 Live Onsite Support via helpdesk and phone.
    - 24/7/365 Level 3 Technicians
    - 24/7/365 Cisco Network Engineer
    - FREE ManagedNOW Stage 4 Management
    - 5 IPs standard with each server
    - Legal Adult Content Allowed
    - Free Security upgrades upon release of new kernel exploits
    - 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    - IRC related activites are not permitted.

    Test IP for pings:
    Speed tests:

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask, and don't hesitate to email us [email protected]
    Douglas Hazard - Certifiable Sports Junkie and Sports Community Enthusiast

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    ManagedNOW Server Management Stages...

    DedicatedNOWs Linux Server

    Since 1997, DedicatedNOW has been providing above industry level standards of management and support. Clients have come to rely and depend upon our professional and helpfulness from the smallest to the most complex issues. DedicatedNOW provides FREE standard server management with all of our dedicated servers, and offers increased options for management to give you the peace of mind hosting that you need and deserve.

    DedicatedNOW will provide the following management services for all dedicated servers:

    Choice of the following Operating Systems, fully configured with latest kernel + security patches:
    Centos 3.x Centos 4.x and all current CentOS versions.
    FreeBSD 4.11 FreeBSD 5.4 and all current FreeBSD versions.
    Fedora Core 3 and all current Fedora Core versions.
    Windows 2003 Standard Server Edition*
    Windows 2003 Enterprise (Advanced) Server Edition*
    MSSQL 2000 Standard Server Edition*
    Shared MSSQL and Reseller MSSQL Packages Available (link to additional services)*
    Choice of 32Bit or 64Bit Operating System.
    * Denotes an applicable monthly fee for licensing costs.

    Please note that we cannot provide any support for Window boxes except for reboots and OS reloads at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

    Ongoing Support
    ManagedNOW Stage 4 Support Included with all DedicatedNOW servers free of charge!
    99.99% IP Network Availability.
    Complete Dedicated Server with Full Root Access.
    Full 10Mbps or 100Mbps* Access to our core network.
    24/7/365 Live Onsite Support via phone and helpdesk.
    24/7/365 Level 3 Technicians.
    24/7/365 Cisco Network Engineer.
    24/7/365 Reboots free of charge
    Dedicated Switched Port
    5 IPs standard with each server.
    Legal Adult Content Allowed.
    Free Security upgrades upon release of new kernel exploits.
    Detailed Documentation and Guides.
    Free minor troubleshooting of OS or control panel
    Free control panel updates of any DedicatedNOW supplied control panel
    Free disabling of any incorrectly customer configured firewall
    Free installation of additional IPs
    Free restarts of any reported downed services to DedicatedNOWs technical support staff
    Free repair of any OS / pre-installed software causing system / software to break
    Free Installation of Apache, Perl, PHP, MySQL, Webaslizer, SSH, DNS, POP3, SMTP and Webmail
    Free updates and patches for supported and pre-installed software upon request.
    Free re-installs + assistance to help remove compromised servers
    Free DOS / DDOS installation of software based firewall rules to help block attacks
    Free assistance to help users track down abuse occurring on their servers.
    Free hardware replacement upon hardware failure
    Free configuration of backups through DedicatedNOW supported control panel
    * Denotes an additional $10/mo charge for this upgrade.

    ManagedNOW Stage 3
    All the features in Stage 4 PLUS:
    FREE 25GB on-site FTP backup space

    NOWSecure Defense System Level 1 includes:
    o Initial Security Hardening
    o APF Firewall Installation
    o /tmp directory hardening
    o Rootkit Hunter Installation
    o Catch PHP nobody Spammers
    o SIM (System Integrity monitor)
    o PRM (Process Resource Monitor)
    Managed Off Server Network Backup
    Server Port Monitoring 4 Services will be proactively monitored and repaired upon downed service detection.
    Disk Integrity Monitoring and Response DedicatedNOW will monitor drives for any I/O errors and replace upon need.
    Compromised Server Recovery Level 2 DedicatedNOW will format a new HD, and assist with account restoration from the compromised drive.
    Service Monitoring
    No Fee for OS Reinstalls
    Best Effort Third Party Application Support (within 15min)
    Resource Monitoring (Drive Space, Processor usage, Server Load, System Memroy, Swap Space, )
    Failed Service Restart/Repair
    1 Hour System Administration/month
    $35 Per month

    ManagedNOW Stage 2
    All the features in Stage 3 PLUS
    FREE 40GB on-site FTP backup space
    (Instead of 25 gigs)
    Server Port Monitoring - 6 Services will be proactively monitored and repaired upon downed service detection.
    NOWSecure Defense System Level 2
    o NOWSecure Level 1 PLUS:
    o Apache DOS Resistance tuning (mod_evasive)
    o Apache Security enhancement (mod_security)
    o BFD installation and response
    Log Analysis
    3 Hour System Administration/month
    On-Demand Security Assessment (Monthly)
    OS Hardening Checkup (Quarterly per request)
    $60 Per month

    ManagedNOW Stage 1
    All the features of Stage 2 PLUS
    FREE 60GB on-site FTP backup space
    (Instead of 25 or 40 gigs)
    Server Port Monitoring - 10 Services
    NOWSecure Defense System Level 3
    o NOWSecure Level 2
    o Hardware Based Firewall (Cisco Pix 501)
    5 Hour System Administration/month**
    Monthly Auto Vulnerability Assessments
    $149 Per month
    Douglas Hazard - Certifiable Sports Junkie and Sports Community Enthusiast

    Host of Two Cents Radio - Follow @TwoCentsRadio on Twitter (@BearlyDoug on Twitter)

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