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    183 - experiences anyone??

    I'm considering renting a server from

    Now their prices are good enough for me, their site says they run their own DC (seattle).

    now I've never heard of these guys before and just came across them in the WHT offers forums.

    Has anyone had any past experiences with them? good or bad?

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    yeah, I also want to know about it.

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    well their website is really strange. is the same as

    I'm not sure I'd trust them. Their main contact is a hotmail email.

    They also apparently run/own TopHosting.Com, WebRedirect.Net and IndoSentris.Net.
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    Unbelievably shady. Why would you ever go with a host like this?

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    They're the same company.
    If you look, their main contact is NOT a Hotmail email address, that's what we call a MSN ID. They use a Helpdesk, and happen to have a telephone number.

    Just do a search on these here boards.
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