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    Moving from datapipe after 6+ years, need advice

    Greetings. Let me first say that I have been with datapipe for about 6.5 years, since the the days that they were called "hispeed hosting". No complaints about the support, technicians are all top notch, and data center has great connectivity. My server has been up 332 days as of this writing, and last reboot was strictly for maintenance.

    That said, my needs are modest, perhaps far more modest than what they are used to dealing with these days. I am currently on a dedicated pentium 3 1Ghz, using about 1.3 GB/mo in bandwidth (bytemarked at 27.1 yesterday, ouch!). I have been paying about $200/mo for this unmanaged (although they have gone over and above on support requests even with an unmanaged server). I recently requested to add security updates, and backup services, which I was informed would double my cost, to $400/mo. They cut me a "deal" and gave me $50/mo off. Grand total now is $350/mo. I feel like I am being nickel and dimed after more than six years of loyalty.

    Bottom line is that while I would love to stay with them, but since I am primarily a developer my hosting side has become non-economical. I need to find a company that can do this for me in a reliable manner for less money, there must be companies out there that are up to the task.

    At this point I am even thinking a good VPS would suit my needs, but am open to any suggestions. From watching these forums for the past week, I have started a dialogue with a coupe of providers:

    1. Servint
    2. Liquidweb
    3. Softlayer

    The first two are managed and offer VPS and Dedicated solutions, the third I would be looking at a dual core dedicated box for about $159, and would probably add a management service (platinumserver?) to the mix.

    Servint seems to have good VPS packages that allow max 1 or 2 VPS's on a physical machine, so that might be a good option as well. Being used to a high level of service at datapipe, would I be missing out on anything by going with one of these other, less expensive options? Am I really "getting what I pay for" with datapipe?

    Thank You profusely for your advice.


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    $200 a month seems WAY overpriced, let along $350 a month! Definitely drop that host like a bad habit. Where is that cost going to???

    If your site is running fine on its current hardware, I don't see the need to go crazy overboard on hardware at a new facility. I'd look more into redundancy then more power(RAID most specifically). I use for one of my high high high traffic sites. It's a simple windows server running an AMD 2400 and a gig of RAM. 1500GBs/Month transfer and it's about $120 a month. At peak times, it's serving about 90 requests a second(it runs MS SQL as well). So you shouldn't need a ton of hardware unless you are doing some heavy transactions. Layeredtech's network and uptime have been excellent, in fact I don't think they've ever gone down since I've been there(almost a year). Support seems to be pretty good as well, although I've only had to give reboot tickets, and those are usually done in under 10 minutes.

    That being said, I'm moving that site to a co-lo, but only because that's where all our other servers are, and it was cheaper to buy our own server then to rent one from LT and pay for things like dual procs, redundant power supplies, custom RAID solutions, firewall etc.

    If you're not doing anything process intensive, I'd definitely look into VPS.


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    Well I would recommend SoftLayer servers as they are really good and you can save money on managment packages as they have $3 administration tickets, which is great! They also now install a firewall free for you, which is very good.

    I would advise you to get a managment company even if you do go for a VPS, unless you are confident at being able to run a server. Owner: Providing Security, Administration and Optimization since 2001

    Now Offering Windows Serivces.

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    How long has softlayer been around? Seems to not be all that much info on them here.

    I have been impressed with my interactions with Servint so far, the sales folks are highly knowledgable on technical and config questions.

    I have not heard of Zogmo, but will have a look at their offerings.

    There are many arguments for and against various management services, but it seems that platinum server management is a good value. Any experiences?

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    You're barely using any bandwidth and the server you have isn't that powerful either. You could get a lot more for what you're paying, as i'm sure you're aware. Of the three mentioned, liquidweb is the one that you should strongly consider, in my opinion.

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    If you'll remember those days by 6 years ago when the Internet and the pipes were not cheap at all and more, if you'll take those hardware prices for the top computers (which became low end desktops today) you will reconsider your position.

    That was the deal, digires is very satisfied about it and he just wants to cut the prices as the market allows it.

    digires, I suppose that you have tried to show them few offers and they still dont want to cut more, so take another server/provider and be happy
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    Yes, I actually asked if they would consider just adding the backup for $75/mo instead of their regular $99 (I had been quoted this price before), and they said no. That is so unflexible, and no way to reward a long time customer. I was fine at $200/mo for a quite stable server and great facilities, but it just does not seem to be a reasonable deal anymore. It seems like there are competitive packages out there that will give me much more for less. I have not even had (nor requested) a hardware upgrade in 4 years (since I was moved to a newer machine). I guess I am not one of the big companies spending thousands a month on their server, but I have spent well over $15k since starting with them, and that should count for something imho.

    Again, I'm not even looking for a bargain basement deal, just something reasonable and stable. Am I being cheap?

    I will take a new service provider, and hopefully be happy, just trying to ferret out who to go with. After lurking for over a week, I can say that WHT has been a great help thus far

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    Since I have clients on both west and east coast, would it make more sense to go with a more centrally located data center (i.e., liquidweb), or is that not really important?

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    Quote Originally Posted by digires
    Am I being cheap?
    No, I cant say you are, but indeed there are a of people trying to get near free. you're just trying to cut some prices.

    To have your peace of mind that you had a good deal try to see how much would been the management service (that they did for you) in all those years.

    did you ask them to replace your server with one from their offer? will this make you happier?

    anyway, is your choice. good luck!
    please, bear with me. tell me when I'm wrong, I'm not doing it on purpose

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    I've heard good things about all of those hosts. I would also add to your list
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    I think will be best for your needs for the server, and than just buy some managed services.
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    hey vigor, how are the managed services at steadfast? Connectivity at DC? They seem to have *very* inexpensive dedicated options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vigor
    I've heard good things about all of those hosts. I would also add to your list
    steadfast is great too. If you plan to go the VPS route I would say stick with them, for dedicated go softlayer.

    Both companies have extensive coverage here and we currently use both and are very satisfied

    Steadfast 1+ years
    Softlayer 4-5 Months

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    I would strongly recommend you to go with Steadfast / voxel if you are looking for fully managed services.

    Softlayer is unmanaged.

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    Quote Originally Posted by digires
    hey vigor, how are the managed services at steadfast? Connectivity at DC? They seem to have *very* inexpensive dedicated options.
    As the guy before me said..... Steadfast has an amazing staff, support etc is A+... However the best part about Steadfast is their network, it's by far the most reliable, fastest, lowest latency network I've ever used (Premium Network)... I haven't used their value network (unmetered stuff) before but I would assume it's very good since they seem to have some top notch networking guys over there.
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    I reccomend softlayer, and a third party management; softlayer even offers somewhat management ($3/ticket)

    To name a couple filled with reviews..
    (VS layeredtech, but has experiences)

    Thier portal & private network is hard to beat though, you can do almost anything & at no extra cost.
    (OS reloads, reboots, sensor data, nameservers, support, KVM>IP, firewall, add services, manage payments, server monitoring, network status.. etc)

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    fyi softlayer is composed of the old management of theplanet, so they're not exactly newcomers.

    Just throwing that out there.

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    Don't waste you time with steadfast if you're in a hurry. They aren't taking any VPS accounts until at least the 14 November.


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