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    Thumbs up Unmetered Server going at USD$35/mth! NO SETUP FEE!!

    1 more month before our 3rd year in operation and we are launching this free upgrading scheme for all new subscribers!
    This promotion is for a Unmeter Cobalt RaQ Server

    Details of Original Sale as follows :
    Sale Advertising Poster
    - 20GB Harddisk ( Around 13GB Usable )
    - 256mb RAM
    - Unmetered Bandwidth
    - OS : Original Cobalt RaQ4
    Base Price : $35/mth (1IP)

    Upgrades :
    Upgrade to :- CentOS4 w/BlueQuartz (FREE)
    Upgrade to :- CentOS4 only (FREE)
    Upgrade to :- CentOS4 w/Directadmin = +$25/mth or $100 one time
    Upgrade to :- 512mb ram = +$5/mth or $50 one time
    Upgrade to :- 40gb HDD = +$5/mth or $50 one time
    Upgrade to :- 2IP addresses = +$2/mth

    Special Bundle Upgrade :
    CentOS4 w/Directadmin + 20GB + 160GB addon + 512mb RAM + 2IP at ( $150 one time )

    However if you order a unit now, you can choose to WAVIER the upgrade to 512mb OR 40GB HDD for FREE!
    Special Bundle Upgrade price for limited sets will be lowered to $100 one time!

    Don't miss out on this extra value sale! Units are limited!

    For further information or purchasing please contact me at [email protected] either via email, pm or MSN messenger
    -=- GQ Hong -=-
    GalacNet WebMaster

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    is there a way to install debian? and do you have a testfile and ip? please pm me.. thanks!

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    How much bandwidth are we likely to be able to push? I mean concurrently?

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    ok im no more interested, @XCellweb Matt if your looking on they're site you will find this:

    - CPU K6-2/500AFX (64KB Cache)

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    XCellweb Matt : You will be on a shared unmetered 100mbits line, we had units that pull 10 to 20 mbits on the network, but it would depend on what you need it to do.

    These are Cobalt RaQ servers.... You may want to check out the Dedicated Server : Cobalt RaQ section on WHT for more information

    If you are looking at getting a redunacy DNS server, remote backup, IRC, teamspeak etc etc, these units will bring down your cost of operation dramatically because you don't have to worry about add-on bandwidth costs.

    But if you are thinking of running things like commercial webhosting and with a tight SLA, then it would be best if you can contact me on other dedicated server options that we have available.
    -=- GQ Hong -=-
    GalacNet WebMaster

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