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    Question Tips for setting up web mail.

    I just purchased a dedicated server from Layeredtechnologies and I am hiring platinumservermanagement to help me set it up, secure it and manage it, etc. I'll be moving my site (a discussionforum) from a VPS to the dedicated server in the coming week(s). One of the issues I had when I first started using the VPS was that any mails send from my VPS would bounce or just not get delivered, or get put in a SPAM folder. I know that proper reverse DNS was something they had to set up for me to help the problem, but there were other things which I don't remember that were necessary to ensure that mail from my server would go through. This is important to me because when someone registers on my forum, the system will send them an email with a link that they must click in order to verify their email address and activate the account. Of course if they don't receive the verification email they can't become members. So - can anyone give me some pointers (or point me to a good tutorial) so that I know how to set up my mail on my new server correctly the first time? I'm sure that PSM wll be helpful, but I'd like to learn as much about it as possible (i.e., what are the reasons mail gets bounces or deleted as spam and what can I do to minimize this from happening?)

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    You have cpanel? Anyway I think platinumservermanagement will set it up right, you just ask them if it's not ok
    Good luck with your server
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