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    Traffic surges can break a hard drive?

    One of my websites has very big surges (20 times more users in one hour than in a normal hour). So my question is: is it so much likely that a hard drive become broken during this surges than the rest of the time?

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    It could.. it could increase I/O wait.. and could lead to hard drive fails...if it goes all the time..

    What is it like? What kind of website?


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    What "top" command says for httpd processes? In most of cases it goes into -4 priority when it comes to a harddrive failure. What log files says? What's on console is written? Disks are SATA ?

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    The point is that if the surges doesn't influence on this, I wouldn't get a RAID because it is not a big problem that the website become down when there are not surges. But on surges website can NOT be down because a lot of people will enter the website looking for a service and if they can't access they will look for competitors or even they will think that the website doesn't exist anymore. Both cases has different users profile and target.

    Both disk are SATA (though I only need one but that is the server). Anyway by the moment the website haven't broken any HD, I opened this thread in order to be sure if I should pay 25 more for a RAID-1. For what I read on this thread and considering my case, I definetly should get a RAID
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    A failing hard drive will become more apparent as disk reads/writes increase. That is not to say though, that increased traffic will break a hard drive. That is silly.

    Since you can't afford to have your server down during high-traffic periods though, the 25 euro investment is probably money well spent.
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