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    what type of dedicated server do I need, and will it help?

    I currently operate on a shared hosting site with, and at the moment, their services meet my needs.
    However, once I go live with another site in the next few weeks, if all goes well, I will have about 1 thousand people using my services.
    What this means, primarily, is that my site will have certain php scripts that make SOAP requests to eBay (and if anyone has any experience with this, SOAP requests with eBay can take up to 2 or 3 seconds each if there is a lot of information).
    So, is a dedicated server going to help me? I mean, will increased processor speed somehow speed up the process of making such requests? Or is it really eBay that is slowing me down.

    What I'm really asking is, what are the advantages, in terms of site response, to having a dedicated server? Because the way I look at it, If I use a dedicated server, it will probably get bogged down waiting for a response from eBay, and will not be much better than a shared hosting account.

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    I'm not familiar with "SOAP" requests, but if it uses processor time, then yes, going to a dedicated server would help.

    However if SOAP, is dependent mainly on response time from Ebay, then having a dedicated, wont' help a lot.

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    SOAP requests are all about bandwidth. Make sure you get a nice 100Mbps connection.

    If there are plenty of HTTP requests attached to the server at any given time, the processor speed does matter along with memory.

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