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    Any Free ASP CMS With Special Function?

    Hi guys,

    This time I'm checking to see if anyone has found a CMS based in ASP. Free is

    But here's the specific function I'm looking for: the moment I input a post or
    an entry, it creates a static page instead of saving it in a database.

    WordPress, for example, has a plugin that creates a static page of a post that
    has been clicked on. This can potentially cut down its CPU usage.

    Anyone know of a specific ASP script that does this? I'm checking around, just
    hoping someone could provide an answer (though I'm expecting otherwise).


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    Soopportal is free, the forums are WWF so they are not static, however you can create file driven/based pages with an in built tool the portal has, but there will still be elements of that page that require DB calls.
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