Alright I am a bit new to In college for it actually and we were assigned to do some sort of calculator. So I created one to determine a football players salary.

Three input Boxes:

txtTotSalary(Total Salary over length of contract)
txtTotBonus(Signing Bonus given upfront)
txtContract(Length in years of given contract)

Now three Output Boxes:

divBonusPer(Bonus Per year)
divBasePer(Base Salary Per Year)
divCapPer(Cap Salary Per year)

Now all I want to do for now is when the App is launched, enter a number in the Total Salary Box and Total Bonus box. But the problem is when we are dealing with millions of dollars since we are using football players salaries, I need to use the format function. I already have my three output boxes formatted correctly, but am not sure how to do the input boxes.

This is what I have already:

Inherits System.Web.UI.Page

    Protected Sub btnCalc_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnCalc.Click

        Dim intTotBonus As Int32
        Dim intContract As Int32
        Dim intTotSalary As Int32

        'Start HERE
        intTotSalary = System.Convert.ToInt32(txtTotSalary.Text)
        intTotBonus = System.Convert.ToInt32(txtTotBonus.Text)
        intContract = System.Convert.ToInt32(txtContract.Text)
        'End HERE

        divBonusPer.InnerHtml = Format(intTotBonus / intContract, "Standard")
        divBasePer.InnerHtml = Format(intTotSalary / intContract, "Standard")
        'Still need to do divCapPer

    End Sub
End Class
Now where it says start here till end here is the problem. I assigned my input values as INT32. How do I format these input boxes to the "Standard" format such as "60,000,000.00" I need to do this because when you enter "6000000000" its hard to look at it and know how many 0's you have.

Any help is appreciated thankyou!