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Thread: Fonts load

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    Fonts load


    I have a question.

    if i have a speciel font i like to use on my homepage, and it is not standard in windows. is there a way to send it to the users pc before it load my page.

    or do i really need to use windows fonts.. because that sucks......

    Please help me....

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    chica go go

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    If its just for some title's i'd suggest sIFR

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    first of all thank you very musch for you quick answere.....

    but i still can get it to work.

    i have download Microsoft Weft

    Then i follow the guide.

    i have put this on my CSS

    Then i works fine on my pc but when i go to a pc that dosent hvae the font in, then i dident load the font.

    Anyone have an i dea.
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