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    Rack911 - Server Security, Spammer Resolution, Software Installation

    Rack911 - Server Security, Spammer Resolution, Software Installation

    Having problems with spammers abusing your server? Rack911 would like to offer our Spammer Resolution Plan. We will do the following for $75
    • Find Root cause of spam attack
    • Remove any malicious files involved in the attack
    • Harden server to prevent future attacks
    • Adjust mod_security rules
    • PHP header patch
    • Harden SMTP daemon
    • Secure PHP

    Bringing a new server online? Want to make sure that your current one is secure? Rack911 offers New Server Setup as well as Server Security Packages.

    New Server Setup from $120 and includes the following,
    • Extreme Linux Security Plan
    • Control panel configuration (includes setting up ips, dns, etc)
    • PHP Recompile to include frequently requested functions (gd, mcrypt, curl, etc.)
    • Installation of one 3rd party software.
    • Configuration changes to your specifications

    Extreme Linux Security starting at $80 and includes the following,
    • Install and configure mod_security for apache
    • Install and configure mod_evasive for apache
    • Install and configure mod_limitipconn for apache
    • Installation of APF (Advanced Policy Firewall)
    • Installation of BFD (Brute Force Protection)
    • Installation of PRM (Process Resource Monitor)
    • Installation of SIM (System Integrity monitor)
    • System Hardening
    • Email Security
    • Services Hardening and more!

    Need something done? No problem, we can help.
    Kernel Upgrades from $20 per server
    OS Upgrades from $30 per server
    Control Panel Installations from $30 per server
    Software Installation from $10
    By the hour $50 for Linux/BSD $70 Windows

    For more information on the plans you can contact Rack911 at [email protected]
    Or visit us at

    Don’t become a victim of a kernel exploit, or an insecure server, Hire Rack911 Today!

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    Rack911 - Server Security, Spammer Resolution, Software Installation

    oops ignore this
    Steven Ciaburri | Proactive Linux Server Management -
    Managed Servers (AS62710), Server Management, and Security Auditing.

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