I webmaster a couple of sites hosted at Hypermart.net; they all have the same IP address. My site traffic figures dropped substantially on September 20-21 and have never recovered since. (I am talking about a serious drop of 1.5-2 times.) I have been receiving fewer tel calls, web form inquiries, and orders.

I managed to identify a couple of websites with the same IP address (and on the Net and contacted their webmasters. Guess what …? You are right: virtually all of them confirm the same traffic pattern.

HM’s tech support denies any involvement in this. They are kind of saying: “…probably something happened in the Net, it’s something with your sites; this is kind of your problem ….etc…” I did check server log – no leaks, everything is in. HM’s stats s/w seems to work fine as well. (The results are also confirmed by third-party stats as well.)

HM is a reliable hosting service, and I am very reluctant to leave them. On the other hand, I cannot tolerate this situation indefinitely.

Any ideas here? Can this be a DNS problem? Who should be blamed for this? Is this kind of an irresolvable mystery?

Is there a way to find a list of domains for and, as well as for (There are some indications that HM’s has not been affected with the issue – I need to talk to more webmasters.)