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    20 dollar investment

    Alright, if anyone remembers... I purchased a cheap case from New Egg! I have the final pictures... You be the judge and let me know if it was worth it. I also had to buy a new PSU as the old one couldnt handle the new load I put on it... Poor thing, with its burning wire smell!

    Front of the case, excuse the huge white cd burner as I had no black burners...

    Side of case. Panel got a little bent during shipping, but no other damage:

    Side of case with side panel taken off:

    Sort of the back, you can see how I can add more fans if wanted:

    Future plans:
    Purchase a multi capable card reader to fit in one of the drive bays.

    Purchase a few more fans, one for the back, two for the front. Might purcahse one for the side panel, but still debating.

    Get some zipties and tuck wires, for better circulation and a better look overall.

    Possibly get a new black faced cd burner!

    Excuse the mess also, I'm moving everything around!

    Here's some pictures of the old case:
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    Nice move dude!!

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    It's a nice clean looking case, I like it. (Just get a new CD burner lol)
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    Lol yes the burner looks great there bud. That is a cool case though great purchase now just load that thing up with some hardware lol

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    Yep, I plan on throwing in a third HDD maybe too! I'm not to concerned with the burner simply because it was a free 52x burner... You know how that goes...

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