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    my accuburst problem - the whole story

    After an initial post was removed wherein I called Brad Galiette a crook; (it is only fair that I back up that claim or shut up)...I think it would be worth it to tell the whole story if I can just stop A SINGLE PERSON from signing up with them.

    Here is my story with accuburst.

    Part I, the outages:
    I noticed that the sites I had with joined in april with two accounts for 3 different Web sites--would go down from time to time. Friends would call and let me know, and the downtime became more frequent and of longer duration. Things came to a head in late June (once I started monitoring it, I had to act)--it was simply unacceptable performance any way you look at it.

    The following table is a portion of a report by a reputable web monitoring company,, that details my downtime over the 9-day period from 6/21 - 6/29.
    Date Outages Downtime Uptime%
    2006-06-21 Wed 2 0 hrs, 9 mins, 1 secs 99.374%
    2006-06-22 Thu 4 2 hrs, 27 mins, 47 secs 89.737%
    2006-06-23 Fri 3 1 hrs, 38 mins, 11 secs 93.182%
    2006-06-24 Sat 3 0 hrs, 33 mins, 5 secs 97.703%
    2006-06-25 Sun 2 2 hrs, 4 mins, 13 secs 91.374%
    2006-06-26 Mon 2 0 hrs, 9 mins, 25 secs 99.346%
    2006-06-27 Tue 3 1 hrs, 3 mins, 5 secs 95.619%
    2006-06-28 Wed 2 0 hrs, 19 mins, 2 secs 98.678%
    2006-06-29 Thu 2 8 hrs, 20 mins, 0 secs 65.278%

    Note that this doesn't include the downtime suffered by the mysql server (the server that provides the database functionality on my site), which inevitably had to be restarted once the site server was operational again.

    Part II, the first sallies:
    I had contacted the company numerous times via e-mail and through the 'live support' with 'Jim' on the site as will be shown shortly. When it was clear that a) the performance was not going to improve, and that b) it began to look like I had wasted my money with these folks, I lodged a formal complaint with the Connecticut BBB against Polaristar, the parent company of

    About a week later I received a letter from the BBB with a response from Mr. Galiette attached. The high points of his letter:
    He accuses me of using the BBB as a 'primary method of expressing his [my] discontent rather than using it as a method of last resort.' He assures the BBB that he has 'not received a note from Mr. O'Connor specifically referencing his discontent with downtime or his request for a refund' nor, he states 'have we received any communications from him other than his initial signup receipt.' He then fabricates this marvelous ****-and-bull story about the downtime being the 'result of material on another website that violated US copyright law....we were required to take the equipment that contained the offending material offline in order to complete the removal. Since Mr. O'Connor's website was on this equipment, his website experienced downtime as a result.' His reasoning being that the BBB won't pursue a complaint if it concerns a question of legal compliance. That he is on a first-name basis with the woman at the BBB should surprise no one.

    Part III, my response to the BBB
    I informed them that I disagreed with Mr. Galiette's assessment as strongly as I know how. I itemized my prior communications with for the BBB in great detail--with's own support ticket numbers where I had them. I explain how I received nothing but token assurance that the performance was going to improve, and anytime I broached the subject of money in the form of compensation for downtime or the 99.99% uptime guarantee, I was expressly ignored via email and via 'live support'--which can stop seeming live very quickly as needed, apparently. That was when I lodged my formal complaint with the BBB. And on the 29th of June when the downtime was a third of the entire day, I began to migrate my sites to another host. Once the move was complete I submitted a formal request to close my accounts and refund all pro-rated monies to the appropriate accounts. I also pointed out that even if they needed to remove the alleged copyright-infringing materials, that it was the zenith of unlikelihood that that would require REPEATED downtime, AND in excess of several hours.

    I closed by saying: offers a service and guarantees that service, but the service (at least in my case) was not as advertised, and they made no effort to resolve the issues with me directly. In fact, considering the ample opportunities I provided them, they POINTEDLY avoided doing so.

    Part IV, BBB of no help
    The BBB closed my case as disputed; I still encourage others to complain--if enough complain then they will have a much harder time getting away with this nonsense.

    And still, of course, I feel quite justified in calling Mr. Galiette a crook.

    Full documentation is available at this link / (385KB) You'll have to recompose it yourself, sorry, I don't have enough posts.

    In this zip file:
    myResponseToBBB.pdf is my emailed response to the BBB and makes reference to polaristar_attachment.pdf and the BBB's letter to me;
    polaristar_attachment.pdf includes the table of outages along with the record of much of the correspondence that went between accuburst and myself prior to my complaint;
    bbb_letter.pdf is the BBB's letter to me with Mr. Galiette's response attached.

    Thank you for your attention. I should add I'm quite happy with my current host.

    Chris O'Connor

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    That is one incredible story, although congrats on finding a good host.

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    I appreciated that you are looking at this as carefully as you are.

    I will be happy to emend my post with the following:

    I am OF THE OPINION that Brad Galiette is a crook because:

    a) he maintained I had never contacted them to complain about the unsatisfactory service--which was a patent falsehood that I documented in my response to the BBB (see the documentation link in my first post of this thread);

    b) in the communications he alleges I never held, when I mentioned compensation for my downtime and the uptime guarantee on REPEATED occasions, I simply never received a reply to these questions either via email or live chat;

    c) he created a fiction to cover his tracks with the BBB that does not explain the REPEATED and PROLONGED downtime;

    d) when I formally requested my accounts be closed and pro-rated monies be refunded, I never received a response beyond that it had been escalated to a supervisor--I assumed they were waiting to see what would happen with the claim with the BBB, who have since ruled it 'disputed' (?!). I have received no other news from him nor the BBB since then;

    I have not made use of my accounts (and their poor service) since the beginning of July, and STILL I have been cheated out of the money that was paid for services NOT rendered. I hold Brad responsible as owner of the company, and their representative in the BBB complaint.

    If this seems insufficient evidence, by all means edit the post as you see fit. I feel strongly that I have exhausted all avenues at this point--the most closure I can still hope for is simply to tell others EXACTLY what happened to me in dealing with Brad's company, Polaristar/accuburst.

    Thank you.

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    Dude,the BBB is a total waste of one pays ANY attention to them because, ultimately, they have NO power or authority..they are simply outdated. Then only ones that care are those who use the BBB symbol on their sites. I've seen major hosting companies with dozens of complaints that are doing just fine financially and clientwise..which only goes to prove my point.

    Good luck with your your new host...

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