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    Thumbs up Sharktech Review

    Well I recently tried sharktech and id like to give a review. I guess it dont hurt for people to give reviews on dedicated providers. Aids in other people looking for servers. Anyway, the last few months I seen the importance of having ddos protection as I had one server that was nothing but business sites and small blogs and it became ddosed out of the blue for no apparent reason. And everytime someone wanted they could easily ddos it. So I figured I would need ddos protection pretty soon plus I liked the ip block package and vhost setup at sharktech. So I got their amd 2400+ plan, they set me up with an athlon 3000, real nice and fast server. I made my vhosts, moved all my cpanel accounts, and all my irc stuff and shell account customer over.

    The web hosting side has been great. the box has real good bandwidth and excellent ddos protection. The first weeks however I could not use irc stuff much due to ping outs and netsplits, I would have to re-identify on my bnc frequently. My shell account customer abandoned his account on the box because of the netsplits but I have recently informed him that everything seems stable again so I will see if he will bring it back up.

    They did send out an email saying they were having a few problems and they was going to upgrade the firewalls, after this it has been 100% fine, I realize any provider specializing in Ddos protection will have some issues with massive attacks. Through it all though there was no noticeable web hosting outage besides 30 minutes the other day when they probably was doing the upgrades.

    The ddos protection is excellent, I had seen it first hand before buying the server and recently took on a customer who had been having problems with ddos. He was ddosed off his last server and the attacker was harassing him daily guaranteeing that he would take down his new host with his supposed "120k botnet". Needless to say we did not notice not even a glitch since he has been on the server and Im sure its not because the attacker had a change of heart.

    Support at sharktech has been fair for me, I have put in my fair share of tickets so I say they are a bit tired of me by now. But all support issues have been resolved. My only complaint would be their sales staff seems way behind but this is understandable seeing that ddos protected servers are in high demand now.

    Overall I would give sharktech a very positive rating as far as network, attack protection, and support. I simply would not have a server that is not ddos protected anymore and with my sharktech server I can sell hosting and shells with ddos protection so that is a plus. Im pleased with everything especially the network and attack prevention , my personal site has never loaded faster.

    I would recommend sharktech over staminus and gigeservers if you are going to be selling shell accounts for irc and need a fast connection. Also it coming with so many ips, 100mbs, and vhost system it helps a lot. Staminus has great ddos protection but with the ips and other things you would need it would cost much more then sharktech, gigeservers would cost much more then both.

    And there is my review on sharktech, hope it helps those looking for this type server. I tried to be as fair as possible with it. I had even gave sharktech a bad review in another topic a while back but had heard good things about them lately and decided to give them a try. turned out pretty good.
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    Thank you for your review and your comments, SecureServerTech.
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    el oh el. I know this post is meant to be a joke, but for the life of me I just can't find the punchline????

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwr
    el oh el. I know this post is meant to be a joke, but for the life of me I just can't find the punchline????
    You should come out and say what you got to say, really. As you can see this was not a 100% positive review. I do acknowledge there was a few problems at first but everything overall hasnt been bad at all. And lately since they upgraded their firewalls its been more then good.

    Ill be the first person to give someone a bad review, thats for sure. I had even gave them a bad review in the past when I had a server with a friend a while back.

    I think if their network stays stable as it has been then other ddos protected/irc hosts have something to worry about. And Ive yet to find a host with the ip pacjages and vhost system they have.

    Uptime since I been with them
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