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    Question customer support

    Hi people,

    I want to learn about the technical aspect of customer support can you give me examples of questions that a customer would ask a hosting company? and maybe the solutions to them.

    Your contribution is most grateful

    Thanks Ruben

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    Why not search for a Support FAQ, a lot of hosts have those on their websites so that clients won't email them for those questions.
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    I cant login to my site :-P

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    I've forgotten my password.
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    Number one thing we hear is:

    "I can't send/receive any email"
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    Basically you would get all possible problems you can face, starting from "My mail does not work". In most of cases customers will not provide any detailed info and you will try to pull this info from them

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    My computer crashed before I could upload the website to the server. Can you recover it from backups?

    -Sorry, I'm afraid not. Your site is empty since you never uploaded anything.

    I know it is empty, that's the issue. I want to get it back from backup

    -Sorry, we do not have any backup for your website

    But your website states 'daily backups'. You mean I do not have that option? I bought a full package.

    -We can only backup what is into our server and in your case it never contained anything

    I'm telling you the truth, I had my website done. I'm not lying to you.

    -I believe you.

    Then, would you be so kind to look into backups for my files?



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    oh, I remember another good one. That is a really nice lady, believe me. but sometimes she goes a bit... well.

    I must tell you the truth. I did signup because my friend is hosted with you and told me it was a good host, but your website is really odd looking and unfashioned. you have to change it asap. How it can be you have never realized it? Don't you visit your own site?

    I answered:
    Yes, of course. you are right.

    She went back
    -Well, in fact I do not mind anymore. I've been looking at it for this whole afternoon and I got used to it. You do not need to change your website, you have my permission to keep it like it is now.

    Oh, thank you.

    <sigh> she allowed me to keep it
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    You will get ones just as dumb as the sample agoraquimica just gave. We've gotten some who think we can read their mind.
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    Hehe funny examples.

    If your thinking about what your customers could ask you, read up on some web hosting FAQ's.
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    Most of the time the tickets can range from simple questions such as can you please reset my account to how it was default to much harder questions / issues that requires much troubleshooting on the host's side.

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    Q: How do you access cpanel?
    A: XD

    Get ready

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    "I can't access my site"

    People really need to be more specific about problems...

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    Most support tickets we get are centered around domain/web billing issues, lost password, email (settings, spam and sending/receiving) and the infamous coding errors "works on my system but does not on your server - so please fix your server" kind of tickets.
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    Just Learn About Server and get some experience over working On SErver, then u wil be able to Be Support Guy. Thats All

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    I don't think he was looking for "everything that customers ask", but more a feel of what are typical questions/answers.

    You stated you wanted to learn about hosting and the support side of things. In reality, its a broad question. With so many platforms and services that customers could be purchasing, a person can't answer it completely.

    Assuming you want to learn about the most common issues customers have, learn about:

    -Email Client Settings (how to setup accounts in various POP3 mail clients)
    -Site Publishing (different programs used to publish websites)

    Those two things alone would provide enough information to help customers with their "most common" tasks when using a hosting service. Now if you wanted to get into specifics, you'd have to understand the hosting platform they were using.

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