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    Having problems with site loading

    For some reason I am having problems with the site loading. It loads sometimes and sometimes it is just a blank page in IE and Firefox. It should load the index.php page. The domain name is actually parked on another. Could this be the problem? Should I set up some kind of additional redirect.
    Thanks, Kevin

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    I'm seeing all your directories... you don't have an index.php in the public_html directory probably. For the rest, I suggest that you contact your host....

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    yea, right now I am moving the site, I have set up an account under the actual domain name so I won't have it parked anymore.
    Thanks, Kevin

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    Let us know if you have anymore issue

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    Well, I have moved the site to its own domain. I am still having issues with it loading sometimes. It doesn't seem to matter which browser. It will simply load a white page. I have indexes set to index.php, index.htm, index.html.

    The site is
    Thanks, Kevin

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    Honestly... it's hard to say just by looking at your blank page. Try to contact your host and see what happen. If you created an account for that domain, it should be easier, IMHO, to find what's the problem.

    I don't know what you did but if I were you, I'd only send 1 file (index.html or something like that) with only this code and see what it does :

    HTML Code:
    If it doesn't work... check if you didn't put the file at the wrong place. If you think you did it all correctly : contact your host.

    Sorry, I don't know what you know or don't so my explanations could be too basic... depends on your skills!!

    Good luck

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    Well, I am no programmer, but, I have some ability. this is the sitution. I can access the site most everytime. I am on it several hours a day. I can access it fine in IE and most times in FF. I actually didn't know there was an issue because I have never had it. But some other people brought it to my attention. It seems that it only happens sometimes, and only in FF. If you load the site in IE or just refresh the page or even maybe have to put index.php after the url, you will see I am online on the site. Plus it is getting over 500 hits a day so this is somewhat bewildering.

    The fact that it is not always is the frustrating part.
    Thanks, Kevin

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    Usually hard to find when the problem happens only "sometimes". I don't think anybody here could do something without logging in and check your settings and your code. I don't think that it is what you want...

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