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    Thumbs up backup software: Acronis True Image 7 is free

    Sign up here:

    Get your password & serial number via email then go here:

    This will take you to a login page. On the right side, put in the email
    addy you used for the sign up along with the password they gave you on the
    page that was linked from the email they sent you.

    Click SIGN IN and the download will start.

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    I had TrueImage 8 (Server)and it doesn't work with most hardware on NEW servers, so I have dropped it, I'd had to see what version 7 was like

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    Odd... I have version 8 and now they have version 9.... I guess they are looking for "upsell" by offering version 7 for free.

    Version 8 for me works like a charm... love it... don't know if I'll move to version 9 since vista has backup included... and since I also have to purchase Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 Suite, which has backup, I might be good with backup software.
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