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    I need managed dedicated servers provider with high experience in security issues

    I appreciate any recommendation to managed dedicated server provider with high experience in security issue and experience technical support, I am complaining of link phishing issue that somebody using my server for phishing and the host as they said did the right measurement to protect me but it happenings again and they suspend my account for hours to try some thing else but I get sick of that.

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    Did your provider give you any details on how the phising was being done. Is it being sent out as emails OR as something hosted on your site ? You need most likely managed hosting for someone to deal with this.
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    It could be a simple script exploit. Do you have your scripts running securely?

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    phishing is not a big issue technicaly speaking. You need just to update your servers programm, your own scripts then hire someone to harden your server. I would recommend Steven from rack911.

    While waiting for this, disable the uploads from you php.ini
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    Try to see what actual steps were taken and run them by an experienced admin not related to the DC and see what he says.

    You can of course just go right ahead and hire an admin to secure your secure and scripts and tell you if you have any stuff that needs updating.
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    Try Ev1Server...

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    Look either in the jobs section or search a server management provider company on the forum. This way you can see many opinions about the person you will choose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by samander
    Try Ev1Server...


    They are unmanaged, why would he want to do that?

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    Generaly it is now a "server" issue that allows someone to send mail from your server. It is more often an insecure script, or someones poorly configured phpBB etc. It is very likely that you could move to another host, or hire someone to "secure your server, and still have the issue.
    A decent server management company could help you out finding the culpret. If its not something you want to do yourself.
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