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    Question Is it possible to get a TRUE custom dedicated server?

    I'm currently on a VPS, which serves my needs well, but I'd like a dedicated server as my site is growing quite fast.

    Problem is, I haven't found a host which offers true customisation.

    They all sell the same standard packages and any quote requests i've sent in to their sales teams, doesn't get me anywhere.

    For instance, I don't need 1000gb or more a month
    I don't need 8 ip's or more
    I don't need off site backups, free this, free that, or 160gb hard disks.

    All I want is a server with a processor of 2.6ghz or more, 1gb of ram, 40gb harddisk (MAX), 200-300gb of bandwith and Cpanel

    So far i've had offers back which don't even come close to that requirement, all are the standard stuff you expect from a host, like 160gb ide drives, 1000-1500gb of bandwith etc.

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    You can give a try. I believe all of their servers are built to what the customer needs.

    Good luck!
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    Sweet, thanks, i'll send them an email.

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    because no one is going to stock, or want to stock a 40GB HDD, since they are not worth anything, and you cannot find them anywhere anymore.

    Changing from 1000GB to 200-300GB of bandwidth is not going to make the price any lower.

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    Is it the price that keeps coming in to high? It seems you should be able to get those specs anywhere as they are so simple. Whether the company stocks 40GB hdds or not they could easily get one. The low bandwidth requirement will probably not lower the cost any as MSV_AR said but you never know. Check the dedicated offers forum, there are a ton of companies there that I am sure would build you whatever you needed but you have to be willing to pay for it.
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    just out of curiosity what is your price range? i'm thinking this is going to be the problem moreso than a 'custom' server. I can't imagine finding someone with a 40 gb hard drive.
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    If you are really concerned about having a custom machine perhaps you should consider colo. But, if low pricing is ultimately what your after that could indeed be a more expensive route.

    Ultimately, many people don't need or ever use 160GB hard drive and 2000GB transfer but, there is a baseline operating cost per server for the dedicated provider so they may as well offer the specs to make their services more appealing.
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    In many cases, a new 40GB drive (assuming that you could actually find one) will actually cost more than a new 80GB drive, and often an 80GB drive costs just as much as a 160. If you don't mind being sold a 3-5 year old drive, then you can probably find a datacenter willing to sell you outdated equipment. However, some will probably refuse to offer a lower price, since they would still have to fully support it, e.g., replace your old drive with a new one (most likely with a much larger drive) when it finally does fail.

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    You'll sometimes find that smaller companies which don't deal in massive volume and 'standard specs' are able to put together whatever you require

    The big players are often quite inflexible.
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    Doing some quick sums on the back of envelope by dropping HDD's etc you might save $5/mo. I would just accept the extra space and prehaps sell some of it off?
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    Ahh ok

    Thanks everyone

    I guess 40gb by todays standards is somewhat old, hehe.

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    Having just had a quick look, the difference in price between a 40GB drive and a 160GB drive, is £9 - so that's not going to affect your monthly price at all really.
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    A lot of dedicated server sellers assume that your not going to use all your bandwidth.. Take a server that comes with 1000gb transfer.. Now notice to upgrade it to another 1000gb transfer costs more than the server does??!?

    So they are assuming your only going to use 500gb or less of that 1000gb.. and price it accordingly. So lowering it down to 200-300 isn't much of a drop.

    As people have mentioned 40gb (at least ides) aren't used nearly as much as the higher capacity disks any more.. What you may be able to do, if you don't need as much room, is cross grade to a lower capacity

    Since you don't need much space, or data transfer, If your not going to be maxing out your CPUs/RAM you could either get 1/2 a server (not a VPS, but 1/2 a regular server) from someone or get the server yourself and rent out 1/2 of it.

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    Thanks for your input Mystic and KDA.

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