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    what software/hardware needed to TV channel

    what software/hardware needed to TV channel that want to view their channel on their dedicated server online ?


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    All your answers lay here --->

    Or do you want us to set it up for you too?

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    how rude

    if everyone asks a question and people like you says goto then whats the use of the forum ?

    forum is a place where people discuss and share their experience not to reply for people and point them to search engines

    then having an auto-responder with "please visit" to all threads should be added

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    Do you need hardware to encrypt the video Signal?

    If so, What format is that signal in?

    What size/format do you want to stream it in?

    How many concurrent users?

    Will this be a general purpose web server for your TV station as well?

    For hardware you need a video->flash converter, a CPU, a Hard disk, some ram.. For software you will need a http software (apache, lighttpd, IIS). If you only have one concurrent user you can run it on a p3 with 512mb ram (Assuming the video->flash is done by hardware).. as the number of users go up, so will your system specs..

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    thanks Jason, but what kind of hardware that converts the video signal into flash/wmv/mpeg formats for web users?

    yes the TV is a station for web visitors who can't receive the TV channel directly to their TVs/SAT receivers

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