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    help me find the right host


    Im looking to run 2 sites. 1 wont be very popular and wont use much space but my second site is an arcade site. Its data base is about 4gb and havnt had it launched yet to see what the bandwidth is like. Im use to linix using cpanel or directadmin. Can anyone suggest a cheap reliable host to test untill i find what bandwidth i will need.


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    You may want to run a search, or just page through the forums a bit, you will find plenty of recommendations for quality VPS Hosts.

    Good luck in your search.

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    If you totally have no clue about your bandwidth then go for a host with multiple plans and pick the smallest/cheapest one first. When you know your bandwdith then you can upgrade or stay put.
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    Id use the host search feature here on wht for shared hosting. Or id reccomend finding someone on these forums thats a regular poster and whos company has positives reviews. That way you know they will be good because hosters dont last too long on here if they get lots of complaints I would assume.

    But you should be able to enter any type of hosting you are looking for in the host search feature and find what you need. I know looking here for a shared host is a good start, I wish I would have known about this forum before I started my first web site, would have saved me lots of trouble.

    Good luck, you will without a doubt find what you need if you look..

    I just noticed you said you have a 4gb database, I dont think Ive ever seen such a thing. My frend has a vbulletin forum with 12000 members and 1000 downloads + arcade and its only 72 mb.
    Id check on that if I was you seems way too off for a db size

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