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    Hosting Support system (OS preferred)


    I'd like to find a good support system (much like kayako) that is:

    a) Open source (preferred, not necessary)
    b) Free
    c) Customizable look & feel (want it to look like mine, not everybody elses)
    d) Easy to use

    Any suggestions?

    PHP/ColdFusion only, hosted on Windows machines.

    Thanks for the help.

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    ALright, since I haven't gotten a reply i've modified my requirements...

    1) does not need to be free, however, free is preferred.

    2) Doesn't need to be open source but I need to be able to add a very custom feature (very simple, but still needs to be there).

    All I need to add is an "Send to Developers" which copies the ticket to another application on another server. API is provided, not hard but I need the "Send to Developers" button...

    3) Customizable, everything apparently supports this...

    Anybody have any suggestions?

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