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    Lots of Batteries Included

    Well, my friend that doing research in uni show this video to me and ask me to let other people know. Hope you guys enjoy it.
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    Pretty impressive.

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    When I am older and buy my own house and can afford it, I will put solar panels on the roof so long as it doesn't look too ugly. Definetely worth it to both save energy and reduce the cost of electricity. I think I learned somewhere that one giant solar panel, pays for itself in like 2 years and then after that you just reap the benefit of not paying for the power that it generates.

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    It makes you think, the world is going crazy for what's remaining of oil and there's a free source available for all that's not being used all that much
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    To make people use more this type of energy, I think the government/public egergy sector should support this as well to encourage people to use this. For example, let say I have a solar panel at home and if I have extra power/energy I can resell it back
    to the power plant, etc. Or maybe giving people bonus for installation.

    Btw great that you guys like it
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    chluchu, you can create excess energy and sell it back....My grandparents own acres and acres of land in Florida and have Wind Turbines on that land....Any energy that they don't use, they get paid for by their local power company...

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    Great video !

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