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    Bluguy, whats happened to this place the support is terrible!

    Well i feel that im getting no where with Bluguy at the moment, so i thought i might aswell share my storys in the hope of warning people from this company (its a shame they used to be so good). It all started yesterday morning when i woke up to find my site replaced by a adds page, after emailing Bluguy i got a response saying my website had been suspended in October 2005 and if i told them my post code they would sort the problem out. So i emailed back with my post code and since then i have had no contact with Bluguy at all.

    Also when one of my mates who i reccomended BluGuy to braught a new hosting package which took 2WEEKS to setup! obviously his less than happy as they took the money straight away. He is now permantly worryed that his site is going to be going down and that he has months of trouble ahead of him. As you can all imagine i feel like its my fault for reccomending them to him.

    The 3rd story i have is of another mate and his site was down for two weeks and he ended up having to ring the number found on another hosting company website who got the situation resolved. From what i can tell there are many people still hosted on bluguy that still have no website and also no word on whats going on.

    Anyway is there anyone out there that thinks they could help me out with my website as i need to get it back online asap.

    Thanx Baka!

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    If you registered your domain thrum bluguy ...try to get it back seems you (or they) forgot or don't want to renew it. It expired in 8 (this month)
    Anyway ...look for another host ...
    Next time get your domain from an accredited registrar like namecheap or registerfly (they notify you 30 days before your domains expire) can then host your domain where you want without risking loosing it because the host forgot to renew it.
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    ok Siropel, cheers. Looks like its time to find a new host then.

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