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    PC Anywhere connection


    Does anyone know if I connect to my web server using PCA, and leave it connected does it slow down the server? so for example would people accessing my site find it pretty slow? its running a SQL database, we keep experiencing slow downs of the server and wondered if its because we are connecting at the same time using PCA.

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    I haven't used PC Anywhere in some time, but I would imagine it would certainly have some effect on your server. How much would depend on how many resources your server has... Best way to test would be to view your memory and cpu resources while you're logged in and see if PCA is at the top of the list.

    Some remote software I've seen will lay "dormant" when the window is minimized as it's smart enough not to be sending data when you're not viewing it - others constantly consume resources and bandwidth while you are connected regardless if the window is minimized or even if the screen saver is on (on either computer)
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    PCA will definatly slow your server down. Infact You should just set up a vpn, and do things that way. Or install ssh or something.

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