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    Eleven2 Downtime


    I'm with Eleven2 hosting and they've been completely down for almost two hours now...

    Has anyone heard anything regarding whats going on or when they'll be back up?

    P.S. I know in the past they have had downtime greater than 1 hour in duration which they didn't report on the outages area of their forum -- not the most honest policy IMHO.

    Anywhoo, I hope they're back up soon and that data wasn't lost...

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    It appears that Eleven2 is back online. I am sure they will update you soon regarding the outage. E2 is normally really good about that.


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    Yes we did have a core switch die today and we suffered some downtime. We are still investigating the root cause of this issue. Luckily our entire network was not down, just a good portion of it.
    We will be posting any and all updates on
    Our technicians were available on AIM the entire time and updating each person on the status.

    Please email me if you have any further questions.

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