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    Private super one-off offer (must read)...

    Hi all.

    I am not a hosting company but I need someone (one person only) to share the cost of my high-spec dedicated server which is based in the Softlayer Datacenter but will be managed and brought direct from the ultra-reliable

    I will be the only person with root access (plus Beachcomber of course) and if you have any issues as per support, an email should be forwarded to me and in turn I shall forward the issue to Beachcomber. However, as the server will have my site running off it, the server will be secured and running efficiently and I always monitor my servers so they run optimized at all times as my sites are important to me.

    Primarily, I will be running two sites off the server; one low-usage personal site and one high-usage vBulletin forum site. My sites have been running on Beachcomber's hardware using their support for over 5 years with no problems/issues whatsoever.

    The Server
    Intel 930D DualCore 3.0Ghz (2mb cache)
    Dual 250GB SATA drives
    2GB RAM (2048MB)
    Ethernet Port (100mbps)
    Fully Managed by Beachcomber
    Server located at Softlayer

    What You Get
    75GB space (on one of the SATA drives)
    500GB bandwidth (guaranteed but possibly more if needed)
    Upto 5 domains only
    No overselling at all (you get what is offered above)
    Price - You decide (I am not expecting too much at all as I just need a little assistance with the cost of the server but don't offer a silly $15 per month)

    Best offer gets the slot. PM me if interested. Closing on Friday 13 October.

    Cheers - Dav
    Gotta check out this superb site...

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    Hi ,

    this is a good deal anyway can you do something so i can contact Beachcomber directly ?? becuase if you think about it ... if i have a seriouse problem and i mail it to you and your not online or somwthing it takes along time so you forward them and forward the answer back to me !! i hope you know what i mean .... and about the bandswith i need more than this ... about 1.5TB (if you can !) i will host my own forum on this ....

    100$ monthly ??

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    Thanks for the offer but I have to reject as I use around 900-950gigs bandwidth per month and will be using more I presume (which leaves under 1000gigs spare).

    As for contacting Beachcomber direct, this would not be possible as I am the customer they are managing the server for.

    Thanks - Dav
    Gotta check out this superb site...

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