Oct 10/2006 - (Nova Scotia, Canada) - DemoWolf has just released 41 new tutorials for Direct Admin in the Brazilian Portuguese language. These new tutorials are identical to the existing Direct Admin tutorials in English, except that they have been professionally translated into Brazilian Portuguese.

"Although we continue to develop new tutorials for the English web hosting market, we have professional translators working to translate all our tutorials into Dutch, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and several other languages" says Rob Moore, President of DemoWolf.com, "We will continue to develop translated versions of our tutorials for languages as they are requested by our customers. The direction we take in translating all our tutorials will depend largely on demand, as we will be producing translated tutorials in the order in which they are requested.

When a hosting company purchases DemoWolf tutorials, their own custom logo is embedded into the first and last frame of every tutorial, branding them for the hosting company. The host then incorporates the tutorials into their customer support websites, so that their customers can view their tutorials for help in using their hosting accounts. Having DemoWolf tutorials available to their customers greatly reduces the cost of providing support, since customers often find the help they need themselves, by watching the tutorials.

All translated tutorials can be purchased for the same price as their English versions. The 25 Direct Admin end-user tutorials sell for $59.95, while the 16 tutorials that make up the reseller series sell for $49.95. All 41 tutorials can be purchased in a bundle for $99.95.

About DemoWolf
DemoWolf is an internet services company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. With over 800 available custom branded tutorials for the web hosting industry, as well as providing custom tutorials and voice tutorials for many other online applications, DemoWolf is the fastest growing tutorial provider in the industry. For more information, you may contact DemoWolf by visiting their website at www.demowolf.com, or by calling toll free 1-866-905-4678.