Yes, I had just gave 1planhost $200 more dollars only 2 months ago for services.. sadly I had liked them prior to ownership change..

My needs are simple...

basic formmail script
Cart32 included (with a decent price)
server side SSL support (included in price)

wouldnt mind a good stats program - i love stats that show "Whos On" now with page tracking for each live visitor..

otherwise, just normal POPS/alias emails etc...

I have looked and Onewebhosting, Hostik, and Sheer seem to be good alternatives.. Any opinions on these?

Lastly, if I have 2 or 3 domains and primarily need Cart32 on one of them.. Can I pay for say a premium plan for one domain and a basic plan for the other 2.. then utilize cart32 by pointing the URL to the main domain for minor shopping cart needs on the other 2? I think cart32 has options internally to accept requests from outside domains... is this bad?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!