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    'MM.event has no properties' error on dreamweaver - driving me crazy


    dreamweaver has decided to forget how to copy or paste, and comes up with an error message 'mm.event has no properties'. I wasted about 5 hours yesterday trying to sort it without success.

    I have tried to delte winfilecache.dat from the configuration folder. And reinstalling it several times, without success. Actually, i couldnt even find this file (winfilecache) and i did remember it unhide the hidden files.

    I have tried running anti virus software as well.

    As i'm in the middle of a mini obsession with building my website, not being able to work on it is amazing frustrating. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hello, i have exactly the same probleme.

    Is anyone can help please ?

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    Contact Adobe. Mine did that a while ago, however a quick uninstall and reinstall of dreamweaver corrected the issue.

    I would say first contact Adobe.
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    Thank you very much for the answer !

    - I have gone at adobe FAQ for dremaweaver bugs and I first tried to delete the configuration folder but without any success.

    - So, i have totally uninstalled Dreamweaver and reinstalled again.
    Now, it's ok but i had to really totally cleaned all files and traces of configuration of the previous installation.

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